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Feeling rather gorgeous today
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April 24, 2014 / 680 notes
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mmarniegrace said: vampire weekend!!

Sorry it took me long, I was asleep hahaha But thanks for asking!! ♥♡♥♡

Favourite Song: Hannah Hunt, California English (both versions), Run, Unbelievers, CCKK, I can’t frikin choose :(
Seen Live: That’s the dream of my life tbh
Fave album: MVOTC but also Contra is so good it was the first album I fell in love with and then the fitst one is so perf too, I hate this band
Band rating (1-10): To infinity and beyond
Fave member and why: There’s no need to explain why, just accept Ezra as your lord and savour, your new bible is his twitter

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”People in England wanted to fuck with us”
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maddies-blue-converse said: Phoenix~ (But a good band to check out is the Dresden Dolls, I love their song Coin-Operated Boy:3)

Cool, writing that band’s name down! :) Thank u so much!


Favorite song: 1901 and Chloroform
Seen live: I haven’t seen almost anybody live wtf :(
Favorite album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix is pure gold!!!
Band Rating (1-10): 9’5 (I am rating them so randomly don’t pay attention to this actually hahaha)
Favorite member and why: Thomas because his singing is perfect, his accent too, he’s too cute, has pretty blue eyes and he practicaly is a member of the Coppolas and that’s the coolest you can get, imagine those Christmas dinners like ”hey Jason Schwartzman could you please pass me the salt?”

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Kittens (digital, april/2014)
After a dark time, I updated my shop with this illustration of Andrew! The illustration is available to be purchased as print, t-shirt, hoodie, sticker and greeting card. As you may know, Redbubble ships wordwide and I think that’s pretty cool.
You can find my work HERE.
#i wish i was good at digital art #this is so nice #i'll stick to pen doodles hahahaha #andrew
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Alex Turner
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ripoutmyrabbitheart said: vaccines (this'll be good) xxx

Oh not them

Favorite song: I don’t care how good Wetsuit or I wish I was a Girl Are, my fave is All in White 5evah
Seen live: Don’t make me cry
Favorite album: What did u expect from those little stupid male models who started a band and ruined my life?
Band Rating (1-10): 10!
Favorite member and why: :(

If you know why please tell me ‘cause I don’t

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#Foster The People
themorningview said: Oh wait I got confused and though you were asking for recommendations sorry. How about Haim?

Oh don’t worry, I loved your recomendations, I’m keeping them!! Thank you so much, you’re so nice :))


Favorite song: Falling, Don’t Save me and If I could change your mind
Seen live: nOooO
Favorite album: Days are Gone
Band Rating (1-10): 8’5
Favorite member and why: Este obviously have you seen her she’s wonderful, she’s hot (damn her body is perf), talented, funny and has such an amazing style AND DON’T YOU EVEN GET ME STARTED ABOUT HER HAIR

fresh-green-tea said: omg swim deep and peace! I'm so obsessed you'll love them Alba ;)

AWESOME, I love them both! Thanks u so much for sending them love ♡

Swim Deep

Favorite song: King City
Seen live: Noooo :(
Favorite album: Where the Heaven are We obvs
Band Rating (1-10): 9’5 I love them
Favorite member and why: It has always been Austin and I can’t tell why, he just looks kinda mysterious and cool, he’s so attractive


Favorite song: Wraith, so sexy
Seen live: Nope
Favorite album: Delicious
Band Rating (1-10): 8!
Favorite member and why: both Koisser brothers are so cute but I think I’ll say Harrison because of his clothes

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April 23, 2014 / 1 note

Please please please send me bandssssss

#it wont take you much time please #and if u reblog it it's kinda polite to do it right? #pls
samfryerr said: foals!

Cooooool! Thank you love ♡

Favorite song: Late Night murdered me
Seen live: No :(
Favorite album: Holy Fire 
Band Rating (1-10): 10 DAMN THEY’RE GOOD!
Favorite member and why: They’re all adorable but you know Yannis is my hero I adore that man ♡♡

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